Vincent Maffei – began his business carries as a Mechanical Engineer working in the aerospace industry, he made a shift in the late ’80 into Public Relations and again in the late ’90 when he was hired by the second largest schools district in the country as part of a team to undertake one of the largest constructions project in the nation.

Throughout his life journey the passion for cigars kept tugging at Vince, and when the opportunity to buy Smoke N’ Sticks Cigars, accessories and Lounge, in Granada Hills, California came up he jumped at the chance.

Over the past eight years Vince, has build a true “Cheers” type of environment at SmokeN’ Sticks where regular or newbie, aficionado or connoisseur feels welcomed and appreciated and truly make an effort to learn your name.

Vince’s intensity for cigars and the industry has taken him to the Dominican Republic where he has partnered up with some fantastic micro-farmers and factories that produce some of the Dominican’s most tasteful cigars.

Today on any given day you will find Vince at Smoke N’ Sticks doing what he likes to do best enjoying people and helping them find the best cigar for them.