Venue Space / Private Events

As a full service tobacconist, Smoke N’ Sticks has provided cigars for weddings, company parties, Country Club cigar dinners, and a variety of other private events.

Providing cigars for your guests adds an extra special touch to an evening’s event. After you’ve had something to eat, a drink or two, and even perhaps done a little dancing, there’s nothing like sitting back and relaxing with a good cigar at the end of an evening’s celebration.

Whether it’s a small gathering or a large event, and no matter the price or quality of the cigars you may choose, we can accommodate you and complete your event plans.

Arrangements can also be made for us to provide a knowledgeable person to hand out the cigars, to explain about the cigars your guests will be smoking, to answer any questions they may have about cigars, and to assist your guests in the proper method of cutting and lighting their cigars. We can also provide a variety of cigars to accommodate the different tastes and experience of your guests, including your female guests.

If you wish to arrange for cigars for your private event, then please see Larry well enough in advance of the event date so that proper arrangements can be made to provide you with the type of cigars and service you will need.