Smoke N’ Sticks January Newsletter

Dear Friends,

January, Enero, Gennaio, Ianuarie, Hunvari, Januar, Ianouarios, in whatever language you say it the New Year is here! I pray this year is healthy, fulfilling and prosperous for us all.

My children are back at their respective schools and our home that just a few weeks ago was buzzing with activity is once again my quite sanctuary where I can sit in the back yard and enjoy the tranquility – although if I had my choice I prefer the chaos.

2014 is full of expectations, and grandness as we continue with our commitment of providing you with a better than average Cigar Experience, to that end plans are in the works for a remodel of Smoke N’ Sticks. I will keep you all posted as we get closer that finalizing what we are going to do.
2014 will also bring a slight but noticeable change to the humidor as we not only move cigars around (for those of you who are comfortable walking in and grabbing your cigars in autopilot) but will be adding and deleting some brands all in the effort towards our commitment to you all — exciting times are ahead.


The playoffs are here. Last week we saw some fantastic games and a few upsets according to the “Football Gods” this week we are looking for some of the same kind of football. Come joins us for fun times, great cigars and wonderful camaraderie and cheer for your favorite team. This year we will once again be at Smoke N’ Sticks for the 48th annual extravaganza on February 2nd let us know if you plan to attend!


Smoke N’ Sticks House Cigars are always available in the shop, and for that special Holiday event you have planned ask me about having our Roller come roll cigars for you!


Friends, our WEB site is down because — It was barely alive. Gentlemen, we are rebuilding it. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first “bionic” site. Smoke N’ Sticks will be that site. Better than it was before. Better, stronger, faster. For those of you who recognize that above modified narrative, mention it to us next time you are in the shop. All the best! – Vince

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